East Langton BroadBand Campaign
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East Langton BroadBand Campaign

The campaign for Broadband for the East Langton exchange            Supported by Fox-Internet.com                            


What is Broadband?

What will it cost?

Progress so far



Get FREE Broadband

Now that we are getting closer to the magic number of 150 registrations, I thought it might be an ideal time to introduce a competition.  Just click on this box.

JUST 3 MORE TO GO !!!! check 'Progress so Far'  click here to register.


 New sections to be added soon - What happens now?

                                                    How long will it take?

                                                    Which service shall I use?

                                                    When can I sign up ?


Fed up with slow Internet connections?

Unable to make or receive calls while somebody in your house is on the net?

Then do something about it!!

This site gives you some more information about the benefits of broadband, and allows you to register your interest with BT. The more people that register the quicker we can get connected!

Please note you will not be obliged to subscribe to Broadband by registering, nor will registration cost you anything.


This is the way to register your interest in broadband:

Click here which will take you to the BT registration site . You will see a box in which you can type your phone number. Simply type this in then it will provide you with a small form to fill in (name, phone number and postcode, that's all!) and that's all you have to do.

So, why Broadband?

It's fast
The typical broadband setup runs at 512kbps, while you will be lucky to get 50kbps from a standard modem. As an example, to download a music track in MP3 format will take at least 15 minutes using standard dialup, but only 1.5 minutes via broadband. There are options to get broadband connections of up to 2mbps (but you will have to pay more for this)

You are always connected
It takes about 2 minutes to connect via modem. With broadband it is available whenever your computer is on.

No more missed calls
Broadband allows you to make and receive voice calls on the same line - no need to miss a call or have to disconnect to make one.


Remember you are not committing to anything yet, you do not have to get broadband once it is enabled.

Want to get involved?

We are looking for more people to help out Email us we will need help in raising awareness. The more help we get the quicker we can get broadband!

Please help with costs of running this site by trying out Smart-Talk, a cheaper phone call service which runs over the top of BT.

You will still pay line rental to BT but all your calls will be routed through Smart-Talk.

Try it out for Free:- offpeak saver